Our M&A Services


Initiating the M&A process

EWG guides the M&A process, based on practical “boots on the ground” experience.
 Beginning the M&A process typically includes three separate stages:

  • Mapping the market and potential partners
  • Strategy Development, to include approaching the Company of interest.
  • Acquisition Negotiations.

After the M&A process has yielded an agreement in principle, two more stages are added to the journey:

  • Business Plan Development. During this phase the merging companies set up a business and execution plan.
  • Obtaining Approvals from the appropriate authorities. EWG supports and enables the application for official approval.

Post-Merger Consultancy

In China EWG can guide the post merger process to develop successful high performing Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE’s) by enabling alignment in several critical arenas:

  • Business Strategy Alignment
    Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) are often challenged by conflicting points of view internally about the business strategy.  Chinese and Western board members often have different views of the optimal strategy and how to execute it, which results in suboptimal results. EWG guides FIE’s to bridge these different views and define new strategies that have a common ground to which the critical parties are in alignment.
  • HR Alignment
    Within FIE’s, there are often conflicting views about how to lead and motivate management and employees.  EWG guides FIE’s to come to a common understanding and HR policy.
  • Communication Style Alignment
    FIEs are often challenged by the different national and cultural backgrounds of its staff. Unsurprisingly, these differences regularly result in different communication styles. EWG helps FIEs define a common set of values that underpin a company’s communication style.

Outbound Investment

Following the high interest of Chinese companies to invest overseas EASTWINGATE China cooperates with M&A companies in the field of partner selection and acquisition for China outbound investments.