Our Advisers

EASTWINGATE’S Strategic Advisers

EASTWINGATE works together with several business advisers such as Dr. Irv Beiman.
Dr. Irv Beiman is a renowned specialist in post-merger processes.

 CV of Dr. Irv Beiman

Advisory Experience

Dr. Irv Beiman has served as a strategic advisor for almost 26 years to foreign invested enterprises entering and operating in China. Irv was born in the United States and earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1973. Since 1993, Dr Beiman has pioneered the application of a wide variety of high value methodologies in China, including:

  • Consultative selling skills [1993]
  • Systematic problem solving and decision making [1994]
  • Business process improvement [1994]
  • Adaptation of strategy execution methodology for China’s unique business and cultural challenges [2003]
  • Adaptation of strategy maps and balanced scorecards for resilient sustainability at the national/regional level [2008] and urban level [2010].

Founder of East Gate Consulting

In 1993 Dr. Beiman co-founded East Gate Consulting with 孙永玲 Yong-Ling Sun. East Gate was China’s first Wholly Foreign Owned management consultancy. East Gate pioneered the delivery of consulting and advisory services to more than 150 foreign invested enterprises [FIEs] in China and merged with Hewitt Associates, one of the top 4 global HR consulting firms. A core set of problems are commonly faced by the vast majority of FIEs in China. These problems usually arise from partner conflicts about business strategy and different views of the market, different communication styles and different approaches toward the motivation and management of human resources. East Gate developed a unique change management process that reduced partner conflict, improved cross functional teamwork and re-designed core business processes in cross functional teams. Dr. Beiman brings the knowledge accumulated from work with more than 150 FIES to the challenges of doing business in China in the 21st century.

Co-founder of eGate Consulting

Dr. Beiman co-founded eGate Consulting with 孙永玲 Dr. Yong-Ling Sun in 2000. eGate was soon recognized as the #1 advisory firm in China for strategy execution services [description, measurement and management of business strategy]. eGate clients for strategy management services included Bao Steel, Qingdao Beer, China Union Pay, China Resources, Sinopec, China Aviation, China Merchants Fund, China Merchants Securities, and more than 100 other enterprises and conglomerates in both the state owned and private sectors in China.  Irv’s more recent focus has been on enabling clean tech and renewable energy companies to successfully enter the China market.